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Né en 04.06.1986 à Tiznit

Vit et travaille à Agadir


Born in 1986, as the sixth child of ten to a poor shepherd family in southern Morocco, Haounati was raised in a small village of mud huts. After losing his mother to the birth of his sibling, his aptitude and natural skill as a fine arts painter began to shape and mold him. Regardless of his lack of support regarding his artistic endeavors from family, he continued to strive for them. He left his home at the tender age of 15 in the name of art and made his life-long commitment to it!

His paintings feature vibrant and energetic portraits of Moroccan personas in a figurative context. Haounati’s subjects are filled with intense emotion, communicate through indescribable facial expressions, asymmetric body postures, and a lustrous palette of color. 
Each painting features a rich and provocative scheme of shades and blends which breathes life into each work. Strokes of Haounati’s brush parade through every piece and the range of vibrancy can be found in unexpected twists, turns and lines adding dramatic elements to his creations.




2015: Le Printemps de l’Art, Bastion Borj Bab Marrakech, Essaouira, MA

2014: Carrefour national des jeunes artistes peintres,Galerie Mohammed El Fassi, Rabat, MA

2014: Carrefour régionaux des jeunes artistes peintres, Galerie d’art, El Kelaâ desSraghna,MA

2014: Corps, âme et mouvement,  La Cathédrale Sacré-Cœur, Casablanca, MA

2014: Islam contemporary, Ellington-white Contemporary, Fayetteville, USA

2014: Contemporary Art of the Muslim World, Rosenthal Art Gallery,Fayetteville, USA

2013: Islam contemporary, Whitney Center for the Arts, Pittsfield, USA

2013: Maroc pour toujours, Galerie 3020 , Marrakech, MA

2013: Festival Remp ́Arts,  Azemmour, Maroc

2013: Touches artistiques,  Bab Doukalla, Marrakech, Maroc

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